No special characters in the menu items

The new Pulse 5 navigation allows no special characters like Ü or &. However, in the German-speaking area this is often necessary. Also special entities do not help.

Hi, what happens if you use the mnemonic code?

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Nothing happens in the output. I can create the special character (also by keyboard input or hex value) but it will not be displayed in the navigation (see screenshots)

» I just found out, that in Pulse 5.1 it works without problems. Every special character will be shown

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Thanks @Bernd - happy new year!

We just launched a new update today with some fixes for the UTF-8 handling on non-English characters reported by another German user.

We hope this is fixed now in 5.2.2 - please notify us:

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@Bernd I wonder if you are experiencing the same as @IvaRo reported here?

We will look into this :slight_smile:

What does it look like in Russian, Cyrillic?

Creating dielectric pages (pagename.txt) is not correct.
You need to edit the navigation = the page name in the navigation.
Edit the script: pulsecore / filter.php as shown.

Edit line: 229 (and possibly line: 270).
Add the characters to be displayed.

We create a menu and then a page.
Open the:
"Manage site navigation"
"Add non Pulse item"
add:Name=Müller, URL=muller, = OK = Save.
Create page, add name: "muller.txt", Create + Save.
Manage site navigation, Adjust as needed, Save.

Enjoy it.

[ IvaRo ]

It might be worth considering, using the php function
"FILTER_SANITIZE_ENCODED" to menu and breadcrumb.

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These issues have been fixed, improved and launched in 5.3 :star_struck:

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