Work started on 5.3.3


Absolute :+1:. You're right @ezchile . The function of ## more ## could be the same in recentpost as in the "correct" blog preview.
I always stumble over pasted {{gal: ...}} tags, which are then truncated in plain text ... :upside_down_face:


Thanks for those - have noted your 1 and 2 for a future update, but not at this time :slight_smile: But makes sense so will bear in mind for a release soon.

That's because it's evolved since version 5.0 and "power" features were meant to be in there - as not all users require these features. That said, we're already considering to move some items around so thanks for this feedback. Again though, won't be 5.3.3 but will bear in mind for a version down the road.


Good thinking @annett and @ezchile - I think we can add word-wrap to the truncation in recentposts_visual and also somehow exclude readmore or other tags.

We'll see what we can do for this time :slight_smile:

Also - please note the great new read more add-on by @IvaRo


Another wish:
if I have a video in the Media folder and click on it starts video immediately. Is it possible to open videos like pictures so that I can see and copy the link - for embedding? Maybe add a title tag - for the future ...?
Many Thanks

New Release: 5.3.5

And again me... @pulsecms
It goes back to recent_visual and galleries (had the problem ever addressed - sorry - it is not resolved):
I have a gallery {{gal: testgalery2: 1: yes}} at the beginning of a blog post (save me the featured image).
On my homepage I load this post.
But in the frontend, I can not handle the gallery properly ...

I've seen through everything, my source code is clean and structured. I upload the same gallery via blog show or directly to the page everything works perfectly. I think it is not a mistake of mine.
To make it clear that the problem lies in the recent_posts tag, I've created a few simple test pages - the title says the content.
{{gal: testgalery2: 1: yes}} (works)
{{blog-show: test2: [[blog-contentloop (<< blog-item-author >> << blog-item-date >> << blog-item-title >> << blog-item-content >> )]]}} (is working)
{{recentposts_visual: "3": "blog / test2": "true": "150"}} (does not work)
{{recentposts_visual: "3": "blog / test3": "true": "150"}} (works)

I'm not able to figure out exactly where the error lies - I've already looked at everything. It would be really great if I could use recent_post with gallery at the beginning. These functions give a very nice overview on a start page - certainly not only for me ...
Many Thanks


This has been added for the next release @annett & @ezchile

  • Truncation is now based on number of words
  • Also with {{recentposts_visual}} tag it now strips pulse tags from a string - also removes ##more##

Word count had some odd edge cases around punctuation. HTML is stripped, but Pulse tags aren't. Now has been all improved. Thanks for the feedback!


So just to be clear...

  • the page here is not working
  • the issue is you are using the {{gal: testgalery2: 1: yes} in a blog post and the gallery is not showing in the blog post?

Let me know


This can be done a future version also, thanks


Hi Michael, that is great news. Thanks.


@pulsecms, thats great, thank you. :smiley:


Hi @michael,
sorry for that - the link works perfect for me. But OK. :woman_shrugging:
Please try this:

  • open a blog post
  • put {{gal: gallery1: 1: yes}} first
  • open pages-> home and add
    {{recentposts_visual: "3": "blog": "true": "150"}}
  • please test the gallery
    I used the Original Pulse 532 templates, nothing changed.
    Maybe it's not meant to work - but it would be fine for me.
    Please excuse the circumstances.
    Many Thanks


Thanks @annett - that workflow example is really helpful and can replicate this - we'll look into this :slight_smile:


Thanks @annett: I've retested and {{gal: gallery1: 1: yes}} and it is now being filtered out in the recent posts visual output (as per above - Work started on 5.3.3 changes).

@ezchile That missing "/" was a tricky one.

The url filtering was removing leading slashes in the blog item image extraction code. This is now improved.

Also, the displayed image in the recent post visual items have a max width of 100%, so that should be preserving the aspect ratio.


Thank you, @pulsecms. This is great news and I am looking forward to the next version.


That's great. Thanks @pulsecms


Based on a great request by @ezchile (and others), we've got the Featured Image selector for Blog posts wired up.

Preview of how this is looking :star_struck:


Recent post visual

Looks great! Can't wait to try this!!


Hello everyone.
I have some ideas for improving Pulse.

  1. Use the SSL Certificate for Start Pages and Administrator.
  2. List of installed add-ons in the administrator.
  3. Add translations for "show more" and "show less" blocks.
  4. How do I view the Pulse tag on a page, such as: {{tagname: var1: var2: var3}}?
  5. Manual in every installation package.
  1. If you install Pulse in a subdirectory or subdomain, the pages will also appear in an unsecured "http" format. I tried to add redirect to htaccess = failed. I also tried to add redirects to meta headers. The page was redirected, the problem was with cookies and especially when viewing the page from the administrator / preview.
    I solved it by adding meta tag to layout.php and admin index.php (maybe login.php).
    // meta tag
    <meta http-equiv = "Content-Security-Policy" content = "upgrade-insecure-requirements">
    Link to page: "".

In install.php, enter an option to install the pulse in the ssl secure mode.

In the admin / security panel, add an option that will allow "Content-Security-Policy".

  1. Man is an observant being and does not remember all pulse commands to insert pulse marks.
    You enter the help in admin / index.php, in the tag header behind the log, enter the drop-down list of installed plugins. At this point, the list will still be available - visible.

  2. Add language translations for blocks, such as "show more" and "show less".
    Put these extensions into the Pulse installation. If you are interested, I will send you a Pulse extension.

  3. How to display Pulse tags / code correctly? For example, you need to include a code example in the manual. Pulse still accepts this as a command.

  4. The best way to keep the current pulse guide is to create a Pulse layout and directly in the Pulse installation package. This cannot be a problem for Pulse creators because they will only update once for the current installation package.
    Do not use a PDF file for this purpose.
    Do not insert an impulse pulse introduction in this manual. Who bought Pulse has already read it in large manuals (pdf).
    The great advantage of this guide is:
    a) You still have a current guide.
    b) You have one block for each category.
    c) Translation - Manual: Use Google Chrome, open block in admin, right click = option: translate page. That's it, you have a translated manual, be sure to save it.
    d) You can enter your ideas, enhancements, notes, and examples from this forum into this manual.
    DETERMINE that each user deserves such a guide !!!
    Maybe it was a good idea to distribute this guide into two separate folders.
    The current manual and what's new in Pulse, so the user can add information to his manual.


Thanks @IvaRo

  1. It should be 100% SSL compatible - we're always running sites and test environments that way. This needs testing as not seen this before.

  2. This is something to consider for the future when reworking the settings panel

  3. These are your great add ons:
    Adding language translations for add ons needs to be thought about for the future, maybe you can use the built-in front end language selector tool for that for now?

  4. Do you mean what is the best way to make plugins?

  5. Manual to download from the website might be best for now as already want to look at decreasing the size of the ZIP file. Maybe an online wiki or something similar might be best?

  • Plugged in a fix for showing audio/media files in the media folder

This will be in 5.3.3 @annett - thanks for reporting :slight_smile: